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Our Team

The Organization

Mycotech Pharma is a subsidiary of parent company, ImmunoPharma, which has a long-standing history of successful product innovation with headquarters based in Norway. Mycotech is run by a core management team and guided by a world-wide advisory board and partnerships with researchers and scientists.

Core Management


Dr. Ralf Schmidt, CEO

With a MA in Chemical Engineering, an MA in Process Engineering, an Executive MBA, a Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry, and experience leading numerous multinational biotech corporations, Dr. Schmidt is uniquely qualified to raise Mycotech’s profitability and international profile. Dr. Schmidt co-founded Biovotec CEO—an international biotech company that developed a novel dressing for chronic wounds. Before co-founding Biovotec, Dr. Schmidt was COO of Dynal Biotech, a Norwegian company, and Axis-Shield, listed on the stock exchange in the UK and Norway. He worked in both operational and managerial roles, including a senior management consultant role at McKinsey, and he currently sits on the board of numerous multinational corporations.


Henning Fjøs, COO

Cand. mag. in mathematics and geophysics. Involved in numerous nutraceutical product developments. Played a leading role in the historical development of AndoSan™

NIcolai Flatner.jpg

Nicolai Flatner, CMO

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, he has served as a senior advisor and in sales management roles for prominent companies, including Zurich Insurance, Key Asset Management, and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB).

Jennifer Furtmann.png

Jennifer Furtmann, Supply Chain Manager

MSc from Distance Learning University in Germany. Previously worked as Global Supply Chain Manager for Evonik Industries, and Head of Supply and Demand Management in Kappa Bioscience

Elham Nikpey_edited.jpg

Elham Nikpey, CSO

Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the University of Bergen, along with an MSc in Medical Biology from Lund University in Sweden. Experience as a Researcher at Haukeland University Hospital, specializing in cardiovascular and circulation research. Additionally, worked as a management consultant and medical advisor for Eccelude and Pfizer.


Hiroyuki (Hiro) Tanaka, CEO Japan

Mr. Hiroyuki (Hiro) Tanaka, educated at the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo, has had an expansive career since entering Sumitomo Corporation in 2003, primarily in the food sector, including feed materials and grain processing businesses. He has been instrumental in export sales of vitamin K2 and has managed branches in Australia, China, and Vietnam. Further, he has spent several years with Sumitomo Corporation of America. With a keen interst in AndoSan, Mr. Hiro emphasizes the importance of a complete value chain in the food business to ensure quality and consistency.

Board of Directors


Kjetil Ramsøy (Chairman)

Kjetil Ramsøy has an extensive background working in senior finance positions in Scandinavia and the US for more than 20 years. He has experience in industries spanning from power supplies and electronics to the oil service and health & lifestyle. He has been working in both small and large global organizations. He currently has the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer for ImmunoPharma AS. Prior to joining ImmunoPharma, he served as the CEO of NattoPharma ASA, the world leader in the production and distribution of vitamin K2, successfully leading this company to a successful buyout by Lesaffre.


Dr. Jörg Grüenwald

Dr. Jörg Grüenwald is a botanist with extensive experience consulting regarding herbal medicinal substances, functional foods, food supplements, food for particular medical purposes, and medical devices. He co-founded Analyze & Realize, one of the leading consultancies in the EU with vast expertise in the areas of Health Claims and Novel Food.


Frode Bohan

Frode Bohan brings valuable contributions to the company in cutting-edge product innovation and business development.and has a two-decade-long track record founding and establishing successful companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. He founded NattoPharma ASA in 2004. After a period of absence from the company, he rejoined NattoPharma in 2012 and directed a successful turnover setting the company firmly on a path toward success. Mr. Bohan's interest in AndoSan goes back to the start in 2002. He founded a small company to make AndoSan available as a niche product. In December 2009, he co-founded ImmunoPharma to develop a broader market for the product. He has since worked to create ImmunoPharma into a major innovative health solutions provider and has also been involved in several other successful health product-related projects.

Scientific Advisory Board


Professor Geir Hetland

Professor Hetland conducts research at the Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine and the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Oslo University. Geir Hetland took an early interest in the potential of Andosan and has been a driving force in documenting the extract. He has devoted a large part of his research career to supervising four successful doctoral degrees based on Andosan research.


Dr. Bernd Fiebich

Specialist in cell biology. MD & PhD and 30 years of practical experience. CEO of Vivacell Biotechnology GmbH, a leading biological consultancy for natural components.

Scientific Partnerships

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