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Mycotech CEO Ralf Schmidt talks about chronic inflammation and AndoSan on Norwegian TV.

Interest in AndoSan in Norway continues to grow rapidly. In February, Ralf Schmidt was invited to appear on the popular TV program Helseposten for an interview with Mycotech's CEO about chronic inflammation, associated diseases, research on AndoSan, and how AndoSan can be used to treat conditions related to chronic inflammation.Helseposten is a popular program on a number of Norwegian local TV channels with over 300,000 regular viewers.

The interview was conducted in May and aired on the affiliated local TV channels on Monday, May 21. The program will be shown on channels such as TV Østfold Fredrikstad and Trønder TV over the week of May 21st to 26th. You can also watch the program on Helseposten's website via this link:

In the interview, Ralf Schmidt discusses the effects of chronic inflammation on our bodies and how AndoSan can help reduce inflammation and improve the quality of life for people with chronic diseases. He also explains the scientific research that supports AndoSan's effect and how AndoSan can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment.

The interview is an informative and engaging look at AndoSan and its potential to help people with chronic diseases. It is a must-see for anyone interested in natural approaches to health and wellness.

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Mycotech Introduces New Anti-Viral Mouth Spray Andovir at Launch Event

Oslo, February 23 - Mycotech, officially launched its new product, Andovir, an anti-viral mouth spray for preventive use, during an event on Thursday, February 22. The gathering took place at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, welcoming approximately 50 participants, including therapists, doctors, AndoSan users, and representatives from therapist organizations.

The event provided a platform to highlight Andovir alongside Mycotech's flagship product, AndoSan. Ralf Schmidt, CEO of Mycotech, kicked off the session with an introduction to AndoSan, followed by a presentation from Professor Geir Hetland of Oslo University Hospital, who shared clinical studies and results related to the product.

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees showing a keen interest in both AndoSan and the newly unveiled Andovir. The company received appreciative comments for the informative presentations and the opportunity to learn more about the products.

Mycotech plans to host similar events in the future to continue educating the public and healthcare professionals about AndoSan and their expanding range of products. This initiative is part of the company's broader strategy to engage with the community and share the benefits of their health products.


Mycotech Pharma Launches Andovir Antiviral Mouth Spray with AndoSan and Cistus

Andovir is a unique composition that combines AndoSan with extracts from the Cistus plant. Cistus is a traditional medicinal plant known for its traditional uses against colds and flu and is especially popular in Germany. This combination represents an approach that blends science with traditional medical knowledge. Through the launch of Andovir, Mycotech introduces a new product based on AndoSan aimed at a larger audience, reflecting the company's commitment to expanding its reach.

Cell assay studies conducted by Vivacell Biotechnology in 2022 revealed that AndoSan, at increasing concentrations, reduced the binding of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins (unique for the SARS virus) to ACE2 receptors by up to 40%. These results suggest that AndoSan may potentially inhibit viral entry into host cells to SARS viruses such as COVID-19, which has these unique spike proteins. This finding, which is patent pending by the company behind AndoSan, Mycotech Pharma, forms the background for the launch of Andovir.



Mycotech Partners with Analyze & Realize to Launch Groundbreaking Study on AndoSan for Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF)

Mycotech Pharma recently signed an agreement with the Berlin-based consultancy Analyze & Realize to conduct a clinical study to evaluate the potential benefits of AndoSan in subjects with colorectal cancer experiencing Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) during or after primary cancer treatment. CRF is a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatment and is frequently a precursor to developing Cancer Cachexia.

The primary objective will be to show significant improvements in fatigue scores. In the trial, we will also measure cytokines in blood to compare to previous findings and study changes in the composition of the intestinal bacteria flora (Microbiome).

While previous clinical studies in Norway have provided strong evidence for inflammation-regulating effects in healthy individuals and patients suffering from IBD, this study is designed to provide the necessary direct evidence to position AndoSan in the substantial market for natural support for cancer patients.

The choice of conducting the study in Germany is a strategic one. An important secondary Objective is to create awareness of and interest in AndoSan by disseminating study results to relevant professional communities and the general audience. The close geographical and professional connection between the clinical trial and an important target market is crucial to succeeding in the subsequent market introduction phase in Germany.

Analyze & Realize is a recognized authority in the consumer healthcare sector that excels in consultancy and clinical research with a unique focus on natural health products. Their two-decade history encompasses the successful implementation of over 300 clinical trials, showcasing their ability to navigate scientific, regulatory, and business landscapes effectively.


The study is currently in the preparatory phase. Patient inclusion will start in the coming months, and the study is planned to finish by the end of 2024. We look forward to following the development and will post significant updates as they become available.


Mycotech strengthens its patent concerning the use of AndoSan to inhibit infection by Coronavirus.

Cell assay studies conducted by Vivacell Biotechnology in 2022 revealed that AndoSan, at increasing concentrations, reduced the binding of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins (Unique for the SARS virus) to ACE2 receptors by up to 40%. These results suggest that AndoSan may potentially inhibit viral entry into host cells to SARS virus such as COVID-19, which has these unique spike proteins.


Based on these findings, Mycotech filed a patent application (EPO 22192650.4-1112) in November 2022 concerning using AndoSan to treat or prevent viral infections. Recent data confirm and expand the original findings, providing the basis for a significantly extended patent application.


Application for EIC Accelerator grant for Mycotech Cancer Cachexia project passed the first evaluation step

In December 2022, Mycotech submitted the first step in the application for support for its Cancer Cachexia development program under the EU's EIC Accelerator program.

The EIC Accelerator is designed for high-potential, high-risk start-ups and scale-ups developing deep tech. In 202, the overall budget is €1.137bn.

The application process takes place in three stages, and Mycotech's project for the use of AndoSan in the treatment of cancer cachexia has just been approved in step 1. We are now working towards the deadline for step 2, which will be in June.

Mycotech has high hopes of obtaining this grant, which will contribute to financing the Cancer Cachexia project.

Watch the project presentation video created for the EIC Accelerator application:


Cancer Cachexia one of the potential applications of AndoSan

On average, 50% of all cancer patients are affected by a life-threatening sequela called cancer cachexia. This type of cachexia is characterized by an unwanted and rapid loss of muscle/fat. Eventually, patients have the risk of experiencing nutrition uptake deficiencies and a significant proportion of patients die from the disorder. There are currently no effective treatments for cancer cachexia.

Based on previous and more recent indications, the company is now developing a study protocol for a larger clinical trial to measure the effects of AndoSan at different stages of cancer cachexia. The study is planned to be carried out at one of the most recognized hospitals in Germany.

The company has recently conducted a review of relevant support schemes in the EU and found that significant funding might be available for the planned studies and product development phase. This kind of funding reflects the most prestigious European funding schemes but is hard to get. Receiving such funding would be a significant milestone and recognition for the company.


Funding of Mycotech

Mycotech was founded in February 2022 as a spin-off of ImmunoPharma to ensure full focus on finalizing the development of and commercializing AndoSan and to make Mycotech Pharma the leading medical mushroom product company in the world. In the first share capital increase completed in conjunction with the launch of the company, we raised NOK ~10 million from investors who have already invested in ImmunoPharma.


Creating a good starting point for the activities planned in the initial phase. Due to the quicker-than-expected progress in the development process, the need for cash to carry out the development has been covered from the first round. We have, therefore, decided to postpone the second round of capitalization until H1 2023. This is to account for the potential impact on valuation from the positive results we have seen so far, as well as better align the size of the capitalization with the revised capital requirements forecasted based on a refined strategy plan that takes these accelerated results into account.

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