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To support conventional treatment of serious conditions and sustain health

Combining science with traditional medical knowledge

Groundbreaking science,
inspired by nature

Our Inspiration Human immune systems have always evolved in the presence of, and with the assistance of, fungi. Fungi are master chemists and create immune molecules that scientists still can’t duplicate in the lab. We’re committed to clinically researching the healing ability of fungal extracts and follow nature’s lead while exploring innovative ways to harness the power of fungi to strengthen, and regulate healthy immune functions.

Exclusive strain &
proprietary platform

Our Advantage We are stewards of an exclusive strain of Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM) also known as Agaricus subrufesence. This natural source is grown and manufactured using a vertically integrated supply chain that produces safe, sustainable and highly effective extracts at scale. For decades we’ve studied the strain’s composition and its ability to benefit healthy immune functions. Based on our studies, we developed a proprietary technology as the basis for superior R&D results in relation to human immune response.

A pioneering team with
global experience

Our Team Mycotech Pharma is led by a team of entrepreneurs who have spent decades advancing the frontier of biotechnology. Having launched and/or run numerous other biotech companies, including Biovotec, Dynal Biotech, and Axis-Shield, the curious minds in charge of Mycotech Pharma are committed to developing patented processes and products that will benefit global health.


Safe, pure, highly effective formulations from an exclusive natural source

Exclusive Strain

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

Proprietary Platform

Increased Potency & Purity

Food and Dietary Supplement Channels

Clinically Researched; Human Pilot Trials

Where we started: Andosan™



AndoSan™ is a unique natural extract derived from three mushrooms through a proprietary process.

This powerful formula is scientifically backed to optimize immune function and inflammatory responses, making it the ideal support for conventional cancer treatment as well as a natural support for treatment of other chronic inflammetory conditions such as IBD.


In healthy conditions, AndoSan™ acts as an immune activator, enhancing a healthy immune response to pathogens while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent when the body is in a state of chronic inflammation.

AndoSan has been the subject of research at Norwegian institutions since 2000, resulting in more than 20 original publications and 4 completed Ph.D. degrees explicitly based on AndoSan.

Clinical research indicates that Andosan:

  • Reduces tumor load in intestinal cancer.

  • Increases survival time post-treatment.

  • Reduces pro-inflammatory responses reducing fatigue and side-effects of conventional cancer treatments.

  • Reduces expression of calprotectin and pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

  • Significantly reduces specific IgE anti-Betv 1 and anti-t3 in persons with birch pollen allergy.

  • Inhibits infections with coronavirus  interfering with the interaction of ACE2 and the Spike S1 protein.

Andosan Research Areas

immune health

Results of clinical trials indicate that AndoSan is an ideal support for health and wellbeing during and after traditional cancer treatment.



R&D studies have shown positive anti-viral effects and the ability to block the entry of coronavirus into human cells.

Inflammatory Conditions

R&D studies indicate Andosan can relieve inflammatory conditions at the root of inflammation-related chronic and acute diseases by addressing the body's immune system.


Partnering with investors & researchers


Combatting chronic and life-threatening diseases is a problem best solved with open collaboration. We partner with the following companies and institutions to bring the healing power of fungi to people around the world who need it.


Analyze & Realize: This leading European consultancy is helping guide the registration and documentation of Andosan’s clinical effects.


Vivacell: Based in Freiburg, Vivacell documents the effect of natural substances on human cells, including cancer cells.


We are also seeking to partner with investors whose interests align with our mission of combatting global disease through enhanced immune function.

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